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Coherent Experience

No matter how many tracks your event have, or how many different things happen at the same time, Deck 10 keeps everything together so your participants can easily access what they need. Deck 10 is the only platform that natively and coherently handles workshops, panels, keynote speeches, paper sessions, concerts, and even peer-to-peer communication in one elegant platform.

All Types of Events

Deck 10 is capable of supporting all types of sessions: workshops, panel discussions, keynote speeches, breakout rooms and concerts. Booths are also available for non-time-sensitive sessions, such as sponsor's booths, practice rooms or media installation rooms.

Built-In Social Features

All participants can stay connected with each other via the built-in social networking features. Discovering new contacts, greeting colleagues, engaging in discussions, or even jump on to a group video call if needed. Everything happens in the easy-to-use Deck 10 virtual lobby.

User Friendly

The Deck 10 virtual lobby allows users to personalize their schedule and "bookmark" only the things they care the most. This allows easy access to everything your participants need, regardless of how busy the event schedule is.

Personalized Lobby

Each participant has their own "My Stuff" section, which can be personalized to track everything they care the most. With the personalized schedule, following a conference is easier than ever.


Trusted by

Deck 10 catered to every aspect of a conference experience. It is clean, intuitive and provides several features that exploit the online format in a way the face-to-face experience cannot provide.

Dr. Kerry Hagan
Chair, International Computer Music Association

Deck 10 understood all of our needs and produced the most technologically superior product available for online conferences, meetings, and concerts.

Dr. Julius Williams
President, International Conductors Guild

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