Live Music & Rehearsals

Deck 10 Studio: Meet, talk and make music over the Internet

Low-Latency HD Streaming Platform for Music

To support live music performances, rehearsals and masterclasses over the internet, we developed Deck 10 Studio, which is a high-quality low-latency video conferencing platform. Everyone can see and hear each other with low latency and exceptional clarity, and it's extremely easy to use: Just click and you're in, with no software installation or configuration needed.

Easy to Use

Deck 10 Studio is completely web-based, so you can start playing music with your peers with just a few clicks. It also works on all your devices too: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Multi-Camera & Mic

Ever wanted to use multiple camera angles? You can easily do this with Deck 10 Studio. Set up a close-up and a wide-shot? It's just a click away. You can also use multiple audio input devices at the same time, too!

Built-in HD Media Sharing

Easily share your screen, selected window, tab, or just an audio or video file! The built-in file sharing lets you stream your audio or video content in HD to all participants. Even better: You can do this in addition to your camera feeds!

Designed for Performance

Need to put on a show? No problems! Use the built-in video & audio mixer to present your performance the way you want! Arrange video grids and mix audio levels on-the-fly.

The mixing console operator can also embed media files, such as watermarks, logos, or even video files to be mixed with the participant feeds.

Our audiences loved the confetti and clapping options, and in the midst of a pandemic it helped our community connect and stay safe, all while enjoying a wonderful show! We highly recommend Deck 10!

Dr. Katherine Skovira
Director, Dramatic Vocal Arts at Willamette University

We were able to have a complete, satisfying Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP) experience online, which was incredibly rewarding.

Stephen Drury
Director, Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, New England Conservatory

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