Host virtual concerts with ease

Multimedia, interactive, and easy to start.

Host Professional-Grade Virtual Events

The Deck 10 VEP is a purpose-built platform designed to deliver excellent concert experience.

Lower Cost + Higher Revenue

Converting your physical events to digital improves your revenue exponentially by scaling up your audience with minimal cost.

HD Quality Audio and Video

Deliver immersive, full-screen high quality content to your audience

Live Streaming Made Easy

Powerful scheduling features that make it easy to stream live or schedule pre-recorded media

Access Control Available

Easily control whether your concert is open to the public or only to subscribers.

Scalable Streaming

The Deck 10 VEP leverages cloud technology capable of delivering your concert to millions of audiences around the globe.

Performer-audience interaction

Built-in chat and non-verbal features allow audiences to easily interact with the musicians.

Single-Site / Multi-Site Live

Whether it's a single-site solo or a multi-site ensemble, Deck 10 VEP has it covered.

Professional Design

Your event will be presented with a professional and minimalist design. No ads or unrelated content of any kind.

Customizable Design

Create your own virtual concert design that matches your branding.

High-Speed Content Delivery

The Deck 10 VEP delivers your streams through a series of Content Delivery Networks so your audience can enjoy high-speed, low-latency content.

Why choose Deck 10 VEP for your concert?

Deck 10 VEP is a purpose-built virtual concert that is designed from ground up to deliver the best virtual concert experience, not just for the audience, but also for the conference host and the musicians (speakers).

  • Cloud-based technology for unmatched scalability and reliability
  • Fully customizable minimalist design to match your visual identity
  • Dedicated UI with no ads or distractions of any kind
  • High quality audio and video streaming
  • No software to install for musicians, concert hosts and audience
  • Built-in audience social interaction
  • Automatic archive for post-event on-demand viewing

What You'll Get

A great concert involves much more than just the software.

The Streaming Platform

The suite of software tools to schedule all events, to stream content out, and to deliver HD streams to your audience.


Our team of audio/video experts work with your team to offer recommendations and training to achieve optimal concert streaming quality.

On-Demand Archive

All concerts will be archived automatically and can be viewed on-demand after the event. A default, 30-day archive is included with longer archive options available.


Immersive media experience for audience, and easy streaming for speakers and musicians.

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